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Many people want to have their senior citizens enjoy their life. However, because they are preoccupied with work and other responsibilities, they do not have time to do activities with their elderly. Despite their age, the elderly should still have an active life. But how can we do it? Senior Center Nashville is the perfect spot for your beloved senior citizens. They can do activities, and they would feel a sense of belongingness. Our institution provides different programs for them to enjoy and at the same time benefit them. Most people think that a senior center is quite dull because most of the people there are senior citizens, but they are absolutely mistaken. You would be surprised that these adults have a lot of power to exert once they find the activity or program fun. And that is what we are proud to have for you and your elderly.

Every senior citizen has the right to enjoy their days, but how? We created various activities and programs for them to enjoy. They can personalize it depending on their feelings, and our experts will provide recommendations as well. Regardless of how they want their program to be, we ensure that the whole program will benefit them in all aspects; mental, behavioral, and physical.

The Services We Offer

Some of the programs and activities that Senior Center Nashville provide are as follows:

  • Meal And Nutrition Programs. Healthy food is essential to the elderly, so we make sure that we serve the freshest ingredients and that they are beneficial for their bodies. For instance, if a person is allergic to a certain kind of food, we get the information so that there will be no complications and everybody would be happy and full. We have a nutritionist and a dietician to ensure the nutritional value of every food that we serve.
  • Health And Fitness Programs. Aside from the food that makes people healthy, we also provide this program to ensure that those muscles are toned by doing some simple exercises that we created. These exercises are researched and proven that it is beneficial for older bodies. Our training instructors can assist them thoroughly to make sure that they have a fit body.
  • Social And Recreational Activities. Who does not want a person to talk to? Especially for the elderly, they tend to talk about their past; they love talking about their experiences. There are various people here to talk to. Some of them are in the younger generation while others are similar to their age. No matter who they want to talk to, it would help them as all of the people here are very engaging.
  • Education And Art Programs. We strongly believe that education is for everyone, regardless of age. People will learn essential things that are essential for their everyday lives. We also have an art time for them to bring out their creativity. You will be surprised by how creative these older adults are.
  • Employment Assistance. Some elderly still want to work. But they do not have much energy looking for one. So Senior Center Nashville TN assists the elderly to get them a job as we are affiliated with some companies, so finding a job for them will be easier.

There are other services that we provide. Our professionals have created different types, and you can also customize our programs to make it more suitable for your senior.


For your elderly to have a great time, contact Senior Center Nashville now and schedule an appointment. We will discuss the different programs that we have and which ones are the most beneficial for your elderly because we want the senior citizens to enjoy their lives.